Richmond River Sailing & Rowing Club Inc


You can book one of our club boats here, if you are a member. Cost is $15 per day or if you race it.

Please book a boat and pay for it by transfer to our bank for practice sessions as your form of Registration.

If you have done a Learn to Sail Course in the last four months then there is no fee for practice sessions as it was included in your LTS fee.

Please report any breakages or damage to Chris Hallett or Garry Bargh.

If you find the boat damaged when you first get to it, then report that so you are not charged for it.

The Club will pay for breakages but member pays for any damage they cause.

Venue availability
13 ft Skiff
Corsair - Collette
Corsair - Swell Lady
Laser - 3. Make my Day (practice)
Laser - 4. (Race spec)
Laser - 5 (practice boat)
Laser 1 - Inside Edge (race spec).
Laser 2 - Black Pearl (practice boat)
Laser 6. Mellow Yellow. (Practice boat)
Mellow Yellow No6
Nacra 350 - Mandy
Nacra 350 - Paris
Pacer - Beecham
Pacer - Bryant
Pacer - Puddle Duck
Pacer - Riversong
Richmond River Sailing and Rowing Club