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Below you will see a Menu of Youtube clips, and articles. These resources are to assist you with some of the theory associated with learning to sail, or learning to improve your sailing. (There will be adds unfortunately)

Points of Sail

How to launch your boat in a Southerly at RRSRC

How to launch your boat in a Northerly at RRSRC

Your first Sail

Close Hauled - sailing as close as possible towards to wind





Capsize and Righting

How a sail actually works

How to tie a cleat hitch

How to tie a bowline

Race Starting Rules 1

Race Starting Rules 2




There are two Nacra 350 Catamarans, two Corsairs, four Pacers, five Lasers, and seven Bics. These are used in Learn To Sail courses, Intermediate sailing, and, in some circumstances, in Club racing. They can, also, be sailed, in certain circumstances, by suitably skilled Members. Please note that permission from a Club Committee member is always needed, prior to using a Club boat and they must be booked on our website under Bookings, so we know when they are used. Please pay $15 into the club bank account when using a club boat.

Please remember, when sailing, that SAFETY IS ALWAYS THE TOP PRIORITY (Please read our Disclaimer of Liability, at the bottom of this page)




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