Richmond River Sailing & Rowing Club Inc

Rowing at Richmond


We are a small, social, non-competitive rowing club with around a dozen active rowers.

Most of our members have their own sculls, were former competitive
rowers and now row simply for exercise and the enjoyment of being on the river.

Our rowers generally row in the early morning before the sea breeze picks up,
and share the river with a wide range of vessels ranging from trawlers to
recreational fishing and power boats, jet skis, water skiers, kayaks and
sailing boats. Because the river is so active and strongly tidal, "safe on
water conduct" is our paramount consideration. Principally for this
reason, the Club does not currently offer training for beginners.

Rowers who have some experience are welcome to contact us at
contact.rrsrc@gmail.com. After
meeting with you and assessing your capabilities, we may be able to arrange for
you to join the Club to enjoy our social rowing program.